Title Sequence 2020

This title sequence was created for a non-existent movie. It is a visual introduction to sets the tone and provides an overview of the film in order to aid in building excitement for the movie.


  1. Determined the concept and style:  created a narrative for the made-up film, conceptualized mood, visual style & target audience.
  2. Planned the sequence: Decided on the elements to include and the order in which they will appear (i.e.,  title, names of key cast and crew, and any other important information).
  3. Created & gathered assets: Filmmed any needed shots, sourced b-roll footage, & created custom graphics.
  4. Animated the elements: Used Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro to edit footage, animate the text, create VFX, and other elements to bring the title sequence to life.
  5. Finalized and exported: Made  final tweaks and adjustments & exported in industry standard formats.


In 2013, an invisible virus began to silently infect people. As this mysterious virus spread, it brought upon strange consequences. There seemed to be less action and talking among the community. What used to be a progressive, chatty town buzzing with the echoes of conversation and debate slowly reduced into a mere murmur of “yes ma'am”s and “no sir”s. The part of the population that was uninfected could see the obvious shift in paradigm leading to confusion as to what was actually going on. Because this virus spread very slowly people just assumed that the symptoms perpetrated by the virus was just a result of people losing interest in each other; an inevitable process of life and the ultimate demise of humanity. However, the truth would only be uncovered many years later.

In 2023, it was discovered that this virus, named “Krypt0-A1d” was in fact man made, originally developed by the CIA as a military tactic tool, used to control the minds of the population. This computerized virus uses steganography as a means of transmission. It works by embedding its digital code onto an image, when the human eye processes this image it transfers the binary data from the tampered image into the human brain infecting the host and paralyzing cognitive functions. The duration and frequency of exposure to the contaminated photo will result in more severe symptoms. Due to the increased use of digital media, the virus had ample means of spreading through social networks. Most common side effect is neutrality. Other side effects include delusions, erratic behaviour, intolerance and violence towards freedom and freedom of speech. Physcal symptoms include vertigo, headaches and in severe cases nosebleeds.

Programmers and engineers partner with neurologists and psychologists to develop an anti-malware script to destroy this virus and restore cognitive functions in the infected population. During this time it is discovered that an active antiviral is self-determination, which all those working against the virus have and therefore, are immune Krypt0-A1d virus.

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