"The PANTONE Color of Biodiversity, a bright pink hue, encompasses the evolution of biodiversity and aims to shine a light on this rising global environmental threat." -Latoya Johnson

Breif: Pantone Color Institute partnered with luxury tea blender TEALEAVES and collaborated with several other organizations and NGOs to use color as a tool to raise awareness, call attention to and educate people on biodiversity loss. (read more)

Overview: I served multiple roles throughout the launch and different phases of the campaign, including lead animator, designer, and project coordinator. This involved not only crafting the initial campaign assets but also providing ongoing support and coordination to ensure its continued success after launch.

My objective was to craft a visually engaging animated marketing chip of the new color. Working closely with cross-functional teams, I provided valuable insights into timelines, and communication/coordination with stakeholders. This dual responsibility empowered me to shape the project's creative vision and ensure its successful execution through meticulous design expertise and strategic input.

The project extended beyond animation, encompassing a diverse range of materials such as newsletters, supporting social media posts, and a dedicated landing page. Additionally, I facilitated collaborations with various organizations to amplify our campaign's reach and impact.

Featured In:

Beyond the Animation

Teaser Video

Landing Page

Product Page

Collaboration with Ocean Bottle

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